About Us

Located in an 8,000-square-foot facility at 135 College Street, the Yale Broadcast Center provides a wide range of video and audio services to the Yale community. Our center includes two fully-equipped television studios, an audio recording studio, and a fully-integrated videoconferencing room. The mission of the Broadcast Center is to support our faculty members, researchers, administrators, and other community members by facilitating their participation in the global media dialog on issues of great societal importance.
Working toward this mission takes numerous forms at the Broadcast & Media Center. Examples include:
  • Connecting to one of the network news programs to have a faculty member interviewed live by the anchor
  • Dispatching a producer to video capture a public lecture delivered on campus
  • Collaborating with one of the professional school’s to create an original video production that tells a story unique to Yale
  • Working with a “DIY Media Producer” to ensure quality standards and best practices are met
Yale Broadcast works closely with its sister unit, the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning team to meet its mission by identifying new online distribution opportunities that will increase the reach and maximize the impact of the content that is created at the Broadcast Center and other areas of campus.