Our Facilities

The Yale Broadcast Center was designed around current standards in commercial broadcast communications and media production. 

Studio A

1,300 square-foot (29 x 45 ft) multiple set production stage or medium to large-scale, long-format productions; equipped with dedicated three XDCAM 422 ISO capable cameras, fully stocked lighting grid with HMI’s, 1080p projection system, crane and dolly support.

Studio B

A 500-square-foot (20 x 25 ft) , two-HD camera multicast studio with TelePrompTer, IFB and P/L capabilities; used for satellite transmission to major news networks and as secondary video or podcast production space; interchangeable background graphic provides university branding.

Radio Studio

Audio recording studio with ISDN and multi-channel broadcast capabilities; used for dedicated feeds to national and international radio networks as well as interview and podcast recording; designed to accommodate multiple guest interview scenarios. The recording studio is also used for the university’s podcasting initiatives. For more information about podcasting at Yale visit our page on Podcasts on iTunes U.

Video-Conferencing/Conference Room

Fully integrated 12-person video-conference room equipped with Tandberg ISDN and IP (Skype and iChat) systems.

Green Room

Lounge available for guest preparation, modest catering/craft service, meetings, audio conferencing and make-up.

Other Highlights
  • 100% HD/SDI Grass Valley Concerto infrastructure
  • Dedicated multi-stand fiber optical network for high performance broadcast and broadband media connectivity
  • Standard and High Definition (HD) video facility; Sony Betacam (EX,SP, Digital), HDV, XDCAM 422 and HDCAM technology
  • Master control with Grass Valley Kayak HD switcher/DVE, Sony color grading, Chyron LEX2 HD graphics and Radio Systems 18-channel digital console
  • Centralized duplication area featuring realtime H.264 encoding, Adobe Flash, Helix and Quicktime streaming technologies
  • Final Cut Pro Server with Facilis Terablock fiber SAN