Large Music Video Production

Large Music Video Production: “Prometheus: The Poem of Fire”

In February 2010, Anna Gawboy, a doctoral candidate at the Yale School of Music and scholar of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, attempted to realize the composer’s final work: a symphony of sound and light called “Prometheus: Poem of Fire”. To accomplish this, Anna worked closely with Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor of the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and Justin Townsend, an award-winning lighting designer.

Anna and Justin spent a year developing ideas and preparing for the performance, but a majority of the lighting work was done just days before the concert.
This documentary covers the events of that week and the performance itself.  In the week preceding the performance, field videographers were able to capture exclusive interviews with Anna, Justin and others from the creative production team and Yale Symphony Orchestra and document the entire set up of the lighting environment and the orchestral preparation. The final event was recorded by the videography team at our center using 10 high definition cameras. Hours upon hours of careful editing and collaboration between Anna and the editing staff at Yale Broadcast resulted in the above video documentary of this stunning performance.