Video Featurette

This brief video, directed, edited and produced by the Yale Broadcast and Media Center, tells the story of one of the most important names in neurosurgery: Dr. Harvey Cushing. Over the course of 2010, a huge project was undertaken to move the whole collection of preserved brains from the basement of the School of Medicine to the new Cushing Center at the Yale School of Medicine.

Our Post-Production Editor worked closely with a press officer at the Yale Office of Public Affairs to convey how Cushing’s unique collection of medical specimens came to reside at the new Cushing Center. The YBMC brought the special guests, Dr. Dennis Spencer and Terry Dagradi, into the studio and captured them speaking in front of a green screen. With this technology, post-production editors were able to work historical photography and video footage to help weave the story of Dr. Cushing’s collection. Videographers went out into the field to capture the old space the collection resided in, the move and the collection in its new, beautiful home in the Cushing Center.
The video pays homage to the physician whose kindness to his patients and meticulous techniques became the standard for generations of neurosurgeons to come.