Our Staff

Meet our staff! These are the experts that will be addressing your audio / video recording and broadcasting needs.
General Inquires: 1.203.432.2658
Facsimile: 1.203.737.6211
Emergency Contact [ after hours ]: 1.203.627.0465 / 1.203.912.5520
Skype: yale_broadcast_center

Lucas Swineford

Office: 1.203.432.1060
Mobile: 1.203.912.5520
Email: lucas.swineford@yale.edu

Rick Leone

Associate Director
Office: 1.203.737.5282
Mobile: 1.203.627.0465
Email: patrick.leone@yale.edu

Doug Forbush

Post Production Manager
Office: 1.203.432.5993
Email: douglas.forbush@yale.edu

Phil Kearney

Studio Operations Manager
Office: 1.203.432.2658
Mobile: 1.203.627.3652
Email: philip.kearney@yale.edu

Dan Cody

Field Manager/Videographer
Office: 1.203.432.2657
Email: dan.cody@yale.edu

Craig Tomlin

Office: 1.203.737.5281
Email: craig.tomlin@yale.edu

Wes Choy

Office: 1.203.737.4890
Email: wesley.choy@yale.edu

Thom Stylinski

Office: 1.203.785.7516
Email: thom.stylinski@yale.edu

Jude Breidenbach

Associate Producer
Office: 1.203.432.2656
Email: jude.breidenbach@yale.edu

Kirsten Cartoski

Senior Project Coordinator
Office: 1.203.432.0919
Email: kirsten.cartoski@yale.edu

Broadcast industry personnel use only

Video Studio Control Room: 1.203.432.2659 / 1.203.432.2658
Video Studio P/L: 1.203.737.3320
Video Studio IFB: 1.203.737.4832
Radio Studio Control Room: 1.203.436.4598
Zephyr ISDN Codec: 1.203.764.9991 / 1.203.764.9992
Conference Room: 1.203.737.4609

See some photos from our latest video shoots:

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