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Requirements for a video going up on Vimeo

How to get your video on Yale’s Vimeo account



Vimeo is a video sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos. Vimeo is largely characterized by content created & uploaded by artists, musicians and indie filmmakers who want to share their creative work. 

Due to the smaller nature of the Vimeo audience and the website’s options to keep videos more private, Yale utilizes Vimeo for videos that require a more limited visibility- 

  • Videos that clients would like to display within the yale.edu domain only,
  • Videos that require a password to view, or
  • Videos that lack technical quality that cannot be posted to Yale’s YouTube channel.

Yale Broadcast currently pays for a Vimeo Pro account.


Requirements for a video going up on Vimeo

Permissions: Each speaker in the video (or anyone who makes a featured appearance) needs to sign an Office of General Counsel Speaker’s Permission Form. Download it as PDF or DOC

Once your speaker has signed the form, please keep one copy for your records and copy & upload the PDF to your Item in the Media Tracking Site (instructions below).

Metadata: Client must provide information about the video content: a title and description.

  • Title: Usually the title of the lecture, or the broad topic of discussion in the video
  • Description: A sentence or two about the lecture, lecture series, speaker, and other relevant information a viewer should know. 

Privacy Needs: We’ll need to know how private you want your video. Does it need a password or limited viewing to yale.edu domain? or do you just need to post it on your Yale website?

How to get your video on Yale’s Vimeo account

Provide us basic metadata:  Log in to our Media Tracking Tool using your Yale NetID here. You must be on-campus (or using a VPN) to access this website. Click ‘+Add Item’ and fill out the basic information (title and description). Be sure to fill out the ‘Distribution Options’ tab and select the Distribution Outlet of ‘Vimeo’. Click ‘create’ and we’ll receive a notification, kicking off the process.

Video file: If the video in question is something you recorded or produced yourself, please send us the file via Yale’s FTP or Box.

If you hired Yale Broadcast to film your lecture, please indicate in the Comments section of the Media Tracking Tool the date, time and speaker name of your lecture so we can locate it in our ingest files.

Once your video is up on Vimeo, we will provide you the embed code for your site in the Comments section of the Media Tracking site. With that, you’ll be able to add the code to your site, so that the video plays in a player on your webpage.