Live Streaming Video

YouTube Live Video: For events streamed live online.

When Yale first embarked on the livestreaming of public lectures on official dissemination channels, Yale Broadcast utilized the platform Livestream between 2010-11. However, upon the release of YouTube Live on official Partner channels, Yale switched over to YouTube as its primary live event streaming platform. 

YouTube Live is allows its Partners to broadcast content in real time to their account on and immediately archives the footage on YouTube’s servers for on demand viewing on their channel. Yale Broadcast (in tandem with ODDOE’s dissemination team) offers this option as a service to any group that hires the Broadcast team to come and video tape their event /lecture and who is having the event take place in a hall or room with high speed Ethernet access.

Yale does have some requirements for an event going up on YouTube Live:
  1. Permissions: Each speaker in the event (or anyone who makes a featured appearance) needs to sign an Office of General Counsel Speaker’s Permission Form. This permission form must be signed before the event begins the live stream. We must assure that those being broadcasted consent to being broadcasted.
  2. Metadata: You, our client, must provide information about the event and direction concerning its distribution. This is done through the Media Request Tool.
  3. Provide additional promotional material, so we can create a video event page well before the event itself so the Office of Digital Dissemination & Online Education can promote your event. This includes, but not limited to: imagery associated with your event, speaker biography, and links to other websites relevant to your event. The ODDOE team will also create a YouTube thumbnail for your event to promote on the YouTube homepage.
Once it is determined that your event can be live streamed, and you’ve provided us with the metadata & any additional materials you can:
  • Share a link to your YouTube Live event with others
  • Let us know if the live chat/commenting should be enabled. It is not Yale’s policy to enable comments on archived videos, but if you would like to incorporate conversation from the live streaming audience and will have someone monitoring/replying to comments, we are more than happy to enable the comment section for the live event.
  • Change the basic metadata of the event if there are last minute changes
When your event is LIVE, you can:
  • See your event on the Yale YouTube home page in the featured viewer.
  • Watch your event on its individual video page.
  • See comments and conversations taking place in the comments section of your YouTube Live event, if you’ve opted to activate this feature. Users will need to log in with a YouTube account to leave a comment.
After your event, you can:
  • Link back to your now-archived YouTube video so viewers can watch the event at their convenience.
  • Consider posting your video to iTunes U for public on-demand distribution. More information below in the iTunes U section.
  • Receive YouTube metrics of viewers from the time the event took place.
A few considerations:
  • YouTube archives the video as it was displayed/ captured. We have very little room to edit besides editing out the beginning or end of a video… We can add special effects, like changing the whole video color to sepia tone or ‘solar vision’, but that’s not really recommended. If you would like to edit out portions for any reason, please contact the Broadcast team, as offline editing may need to be done, then upload a new version of the video.
  • If your speaker is comfortable with live streaming the video, but uncomfortable with there being an archived version, we are able to make the video ‘private’ or remove it altogether.
  • Once your video is online, please consider requesting that it be prepared for iTunes U distribution as well. The iTunes U audience is one that may not overlap with YouTube, so if you want to cast a wide net for viewership, this is a good audience to tap into.