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Through the iTunes store, Apple provides a platform for the public to stream and subscribe to podcasts. Within the iTunes store, users can access the iTunes U section & app, which provides free access to educational podcasts and videos from universities and higher education entities. Users can download and subscribe to specific Collections of your content and receive updates whenever you add something new.
Yale launched its first audio-only site on iTunes U in the fall of 2007 with about 200 podcasts. Today, Yale’s podcast collection has grown to over 2,500 podcasts and over 1,000 high quality videos, most of which were originally posted to YouTube. All content is available for free through the iTunes U platform, which can be downloaded here at Apple’s website.
Through the Yale Office of the Secretary, all time in the Yale Broadcast Studio that is booked for the express purpose of uploading a podcast to Yale’s iTunes U channel is provided free of charge. You must be affiliated with Yale to qualify.

Requirements for Videos & Podcasts on iTunes U

Legal Requirements
Permission Form: Each person who speaks in a podcast needs to sign a Yale Office of General Counsel’s Speaker’s Permission Form. This includes Yale Faculty and Staff. We cannot distribute the content without this permission form signed.
Once your speaker has signed the form, please keep one copy for your records and copy & upload the PDF to your Item in the Media Tracking Site (instructions below).
You can download the Permissions Form here: PDF | DOC
Fair Use: If a podcast contains copyrighted media (audio from movies, music tracks, etc.) we must confirm with you that Yale has permission to disseminate this content. Permission must be granted by the content originator to allow Yale to distribute the content on any and all dissemination platforms. If you believe your use of copyrighted content is Fair Use, please utilize the Office of General Counsel’s Fair Use Tool to determine if it is Fair Use and document your findings.
Technical Requirements
High quality, HD video: Like our YouTube video requirements, we need videos to be in high definition (720p or 1080p) to provide the highest quality possible for viewers. This ensures a crisp picture and no pixelation on the viewer’s screen.
High quality audio: Even when we have HD quality video, if the audio isn’t crisp and clear-sounding, it defeats the purpose of having high quality video. We have to turn down quite a number of videos provided to us by organizations who taped their lectures themselves and resorted to using the camera’s built-in microphone rather than a microphone input like a lavalier microphone. If the speaker sounds like s/he’s in a cardboard box, the audio is likely not up to par. 
Oftentimes, we must turn down podcasts provided to us by organizations who recorded the podcast themselves and used their computer’s built-in microphone rather than a studio microphone input, or recorded the podcast in an environment with a lot of distracting background noise. If sirens or speaking in the background can be heard, the audio is likely not up to par. 
Metadata Requirements
iTunes U requires a minimum amount of metadata for upload: Title, Description and Keywords. We’ll ask you for a little bit more in the Media Tracking Tool, so we can identify your media file or event. But the basics are:
Title: Usually the title of the lecture, or the broad topic of discussion in the video
Description: A paragraph or two about the lecture, lecture series, speaker, and other relevant information a viewer previewing your content should know.
Keywords:  These are words that are associated with your topic, lecture, department or event that may or may not appear in the title or description of your video. They are not visible publicly. Please include the most important keywords first, as iTunes U only uses the first 12 key words in search.

Submit your Podcast / Schedule Time in the Studio

Submit your Request & Fill Out Metadata: Log in to our Media Tracking Tool using your Yale NetID here. You must be on-campus (or using a VPN) to access this website. This site will be your center for information on our progress on your piece, a means to communicate directly with the Yale Broadcast video editors and your one-stop shop for editing metadata & uploading your permissions forms.
Click “+ Add Item” in the upper right corner, and a pop up window will appear. If you are scheduling time in the studio to record a podcast, please pay special attention to the Date and Time fields. There are 4 tabs that require your attention; please be sure to click on each to fully complete the information. Once you’re done, click ‘Create’, and we will receive a notification, kicking off our process record your video/podcast and get it on iTunes U.
If Yale Broadcast recorded your video or podcast previously, we will post a link to a review copy of the content through the Media Tracking Tool.
A review copy of a video will have a time stamp in the lower right-hand corner so that you can watch the video and in the Comments section of the Media Tracking Tool, indicate the starting time, ending time and any points in-between that need to be cut out. 
Similarly, listen to the podcast and in the Comments section of the Media Tracking Tool, indicate the starting time, ending time and any points in-between that need to be cut out. 
If you are providing Yale Broadcast with your own self-recorded video or podcast, for audio, please provide our editors an MP3 of your podcast through file transfer on Yale FTP or Yale Box. For video, please provide our video editors an uncompressed, high quality ingest of your footage either through file transfer on Yale FTP or Yale Box, a hard drive or actual video tape. We will then post a link to a review copy of the video. This review copy will have a time stamp in the lower right-hand corner so that you can watch the video and indicate the starting time, ending time and any points in-between that need to be cut out. At this time our office will also watch the video for quality assurance and notify you with any technical or legal problems we run into.
Finished Product: Once your video/podcast is up on iTunes U, we will post its public link in the Media Tracking Tool, check to see if you’d like it posted elsewhere (SoundCloud) and close out your Item when we’re finished.

Other Considerations

If you are interested in embedding your podcast directly in your Yale website or sharing the link easily on social channels, like Facebook or Twitter, consider also having your podcast uploaded to Yale on Soundcloud