YouTube Channel Ownership

Become a Partner!
Yale has the capability of adding channels under our Partnership agreement with YouTube. There are many benefits of becoming a Partnered channel, but Yale has many requirements for content going up on official channels. 
If your school, department or organization creates a lot of high quality video content, owning your own YouTube channel could be a real possibility.

Benefits of becoming a Partner Channel

Unlimited video file size for upload
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your channel will be ’related to’ the Yale main channel, and partnership means higher listing in searches.
Direct link to your channel on the Yale main channel page
ContentID Tracking - YouTube scans our content, adds the audio/visual imprint to a database of copyright holders and alerts Yale to copies uploaded to YouTube. Additionally, if that copy is not being shared properly (ad-free), we can demand the user to take the video down.
Your channel will be listed in the YouTube EDU section of YouTube

Requirements for becoming a Partner Channel

Quality Content: Videos distributed on your channel must have high production value: HD quality video with clear, crisp audio
Yale watermark on (most) videos. In few creative & artistic videos, the watermark may be considered somewhat distracting and can be omitted, but this is for few videos.
Minimum Content Contribution: Yale requires a minimum of 4 videos pushed to your channel per month. Subscribers to your channel will expect regular content updates, and our channels need to meet that expectation. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if your group is not ramped up to turn out videos, you may have trouble meeting this requirement. 
Dedicated staff(er) to manage the channel: At minimum your office needs to have one staff member able to managing the content flow to your channel.
Comments: Yale main channel has comments turned off because we do not maintain enough staff to moderate those comments. We recommend the same policy be adopted for partner channels. If you have the staff resources available to moderate comments on your YouTube channel, please feel free to do so.
If you are interested in creating, owning and managing your Yale-affiliated Partner Channel, please fill out our questionnaire here and one of our partners from the Yale Office of Digital Dissemination & Online Education will be in touch with you in 1-2 business days.