The most successful video and audio projects begin with a thorough pre-production planning and discussion phase. If you have never created a video, the Yale Broadcast Studio is here to guide you on pre-production operations. If you have created hundreds of videos, consider some of the following strategies for your next project.

  1. Schedule an initial discussion to review your project. We have a document to help guide this conversation. Prepare to answer questions and make decisions about your timeline, goals, and project strategy.
  2. Schedule a site visit. We will come to you for on-site videos or you can visit the Studio if we plan to shoot at 135 College Street. Plan to discuss set design, security, and lighting.
  3. Confirm the day-of schedule, including a set-up time, shoot duration, and break-down time.
  4. Share information about other vendors. We will want to coordinate with our colleagues in ITS Audio/Media Services or other sound reinforcement groups to make sure everyone understands their technical responsibilities.
  5. Plan to test technical settings such as, lighting, internet speed, and sound quality. We want to make sure all aspects of the shoot run smoothly.
  6. Confirm that all participants have signed photo, video, and audio releases. We can share samples if you do not have your own version.
  7. Confirm financial information and arrange for billing with a Workday COA or a credit card.

For larger projects, we may require additional pre-production measures (e.g. scriptwriting, casting, or set design and construction).