Distribution is the final part of the process and often the most rewarding for the client. This is when we work with you to share your project with the intended audience. As we plan the production, it is important to keep distribution in-mind for aspect ratios, file formats, and overall marketing best practices. We will work with you to understand the distribution needs at the outset of the production.

Digital file: Some clients prefer to manage distribution internally and we are happy to provide a digital file of the finished video.  In most cases this will be a .mov or .mp4 file sent via Yale Box.

Broadcast: The Yale Broadcast studio has a direct connection with television network shows and radio stations around the world. Guests can appear live or we can send the network/station a pre-recorded file for later playback. 

YouTube: Yale has a significant YouTube presence and many of the recordings we complete are distributed online in that manner. YouTube links can be embedded on other websites easily. The standard Yale release form must be signed for videos going to YouTube and metadata for the page must be provided to us. For audio-only projects and podcasts, we often distribute via SoundCloud or iTunes. For YouTube distribution, please contact: Guy Ortoleva, Video Producer / Editor, Email: guy.ortoleva@yale.edu   

The Broadcast Studio manages two of Yale's YouTube accounts. If you've worked with the studio, or if you've created your own video, we can help you distribute it via official Yale channels. If you generate a lot of video content, we can explore the creation of a playlist for your department or school.

For videos with limited audiences, or to simply embed a video on a Yale website with the option to add a password, we can privately host a limited number of videos and provide embed codes through Vimeo.  

Our facility includes a high-quality audio recording studio, featuring four high end microphones and remote connection capabilities that allow long distance interviews with guests anywhere in the world.  All recording sessions include a dedicated engineer to ensure proper technical standards and help you achieve good results.  Editing of audio files is available.

Audio files can be distributed via iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Soundcloud, and others.  For more information about starting a podcast, recording an existing podcast, or distributing audio files, contact Ryan.McEvoy@yale.edu.


Learn more about Yale's presence and the standards we adhere to for each distribution platform:

Read about our legal requirements for distribution.